Happy Wheels 2 – Gameplay Overview

Happy Wheels is a flash game that is based on graphics. This is one of the most interesting flash games on the internet today. The game features and gameplay make Happy Wheels 2 a superb flash game. The game was released in the year 2010. The game is designed by Jim Bonacci. Soon after the release, Happy Wheels became one of the most popular flash games on the internet. The main reason of increased popularity of Happy Wheels is the extreme gameplay. The game was unique, and with a very unique concept. There was none other game like Happy Wheels and it is still one of the best games on the internet. So, what is unique about Happy Wheels, and what makes it unique.

There are many things that make Happy Wheels one of the best games on the internet. However, gameplay of Happy Wheels is the main feature that makes it best among others. Gameplay of Happy Wheels can be considered as one of the best gameplay so far. The reason for calling it one of best gameplays on the internet is that it has simple playing with superb visual effects. Usually, flash games are not graphically the best games on the internet. The reason is that they need to be processed very fast. Therefore, graphics level is reduced in flash games. However, Happy Wheels is something different. With reduced support for graphics and staying within the limitations, Jim Bonacci has done a terrific job to make Happy Wheels extremely fascination graphical design. This can be called as a plus point in the overall game and its popularity. Making such game is extremely hard, but Jim has done it with ease.

The game is also easy to play with easy keyboard configuration. The configuration of keyboard consists of some keys – ‘z’, CTRL, Space Bar and all four arrows. So, you can see that it has very less keys configured to gameplay. This makes it even easier for playing. Happy Wheels 2 can be played with ease. However, the game levels are not that easy to cross. As you precede the game, and complete initial levels, the difficulty starts increasing too. The gameplay is also based on a very simple concept. It is just like racing a car, but in a very different way. The very first thing that you need to know about Happy Wheels is that it includes not only vehicle to roll up, but some other things such as chair too. Therefore, it is a different thing to play with, and it is the only game that provides these things.

The game is started with selecting a character and a vehicle. You can choose any of the character and vehicle that you think can be good for playing. Once you are done, game begins and you just need to control the character on the landscape and prevent it to be hit by any hurdle. There are lots of hurdles that you can find on the way. Your ultimate goal is to reach the exit by crossing all the hurdles that come in your way. The fascinating thing about the game is that whenever your character hit any of the hurdles, they damage it, and you can see the blood dripping from the parts as they fall apart. This gives a really cool effect, and it gives Happy Wheels superb graphical capabilities. It also looks amazing while playing. This is an added feature to the game that you can only see with Happy Wheels.

Most of the games have only similar kind of goal at the end of each level, but Happy Wheels has something different. The goal mainly depends on the level type. However, the main goal is to reach the finish line in most of the levels, but is some levels there are no finish lines. There are some alternative goals that you can find in the game. For example, it can be like killing a target. This makes players interest in the game and it does not get boring all the time.

Happy Wheels 2 has been given extremely good reviews by lots of reviewers because of its superb gameplay and extreme features. This is surely one of the best flash games on the internet today.

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